ECG Announces MasterTeam Series For Managers and Future Leaders

Are you interested in developing your mid-level managers into effective future leaders? Are you looking for short, customized workshops? Executive Coaching Group has all this and more.

ECG has launched a new seminar for mid-level managers called the MasterTeam Series. This group program consists of 90-minute seminars held one a month in your office setting. The series is tailored to each team’s strengths and blind spots and is available in 3, 6 and 12 session formats.

These monthly interactive conversations address and impact the following areas: Leadership, effective communication, listening, workability, breakthrough results and team dynamics.

Some of the topics introduced in the series:

  • Integrity and high performance
  • Committed Speaking, the language of leadership
  • Transform your listening; transform your life
  • The 6 conversations that produce breakthrough results
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Managing people by their promises
  • Creating a high performance team
  • The mental game of sales

Each MasterTeam series is designed and delivered by Senior Consultant Jill Burns, who has over 25 years experience leading transformational programs. Since 1986 Jill has served as an educator, management consultant and executive coach. Jill’s work with many large public and private sector organization has taken her to Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Norway as well as many sites within the United States. As a powerful speaker and course leader, she has led personal development seminars and leadership trainings for thousands of people throughout her multi-faceted career.

Most recently Jill gave a talk “Your Internal Dialog: Friend or Foe?” to 23 members of a networking group, Women in Technology, who all use Salesforce software. Afterwards, several women said they expected good information but they got so much more, valuable insights and a practical management tool I can put into practice daily.

Executive Coaching Group offers other talks and mini-workshops on listening, leadership, client management and time management.

To request information on customizing the MasterTeam Series for your company or about other talks and mini-workshops, please contact Jill at or at 203-564-0474.