It’s a fact

When leaders grow, companies grow

We’ve coached top executives worldwide since 1987

We’ve worked with executives or teams at more than 250 companies

We coach you to be your best

Incredible breakthroughs are possible by working 1-on-1 with America’s top leadership and executive coaches. 

Inspiring leadership and transformation for people and organizations worldwide.

Founded in New York in 1987, we have delivered discreet, practical coaching to  thousands of individuals and teams.

Our Typical Clients

Our diverse array of clients are from many nations and cultures including Australia, China, Dubai, Eastern Europe, Germany, India, Israel, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, U.A.E., U.K., and the U.S.

Already successful and have much at stake.

Have a sense they can be more and achieve more.

Committed to making a bigger impact.

Transitioning into a bigger professional role.

1-on-1 Virtual Coaching for Professionals

Imagine being a more effective leader, causing breakthrough business results.

We offer immediately applicable, transformational coaching for executives and managers seeking to accelerate their performance and that of their organization.

Your ECG coach will see things you and your teams don’t see:  Blind spots, self-limiting strategies and faulty assumptions.  

Experienced ECG Coaches

Founder / Master Coach

Principal, Consultant, Master Coach

Senior Consultant & Coach

Startups & Technology Coach

Program Manager / 1-on-1 Coach

Marketing Manager

“I cannot thank you enough for making a profound and lasting difference in my life.”

T. R.

Vice President, Google

Our Programs and Workshops

We customize our programs to the desired results of our clients. Here are some examples:

Our unique intellectual property expands your growth and development at every session. The assignments after each session translate the coaching into your performance, leadership and relationships.

Real measurable results are being accomplished and the transformation is obvious to the people around you.

[Available in-person and by Zoom.]

Create dramatic results in a single off-site session. Your management team can become a powerful leadership, achieving 100% alignment behind a bold Strategic Intent for the future.

[Available in-person and by Zoom.]

Attended by 30 – 100 employees at one time. Transforms a whole  organization, across departments and teams. Creates an “ownership” culture with integrity, innovation and inspired action.

[Available in-person and by Zoom.]

A paradigm shift in your relationship to time and everything you have to do and handle in life.  Leaves you with Power, Freedom and Peace of Mind.

[Available in-person and by Zoom.]

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