Our Team

Trisha D. Scudder
Trisha ScudderFounder
Trisha D. Scudder is a pioneer in the field of executive coaching and has been called one of the country’s “leading executive coaches. The CEO’s Secret Weapon” by Gotham Magazine. Trisha founded Executive Coaching Group, Inc., in New York in 1987 and has studied organizational transformation and leadership for over 25 years. Today the firm has coaches based in New York and…
Herma M. Schmitz
Herma SchmitzPrincipal, Consultant

Herma is an internationally recognized executive coach for more than 20 years, making a difference with high level individuals of various backgrounds, management teams, governments and communities. She has spoken about the impact of coaching and ECG’s approach at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, LaGuardia College and corporate conferences around the world….

Jill Burns

Jill Burns

Senior Consultant and Coach

Since 1986 Jill Burns has served as an educator, management consultant and executive coach. She is a recognized leader in the field of personal and executive coaching. Jill’s work with many large public and private sector organizations has taken her around the…

Seyhan Barin

Startup & Technology Coach

Seyhan Barin is ECG’s startup coach with over 15 years of global leadership experience in fast growing tech startups. She is a coach, consultant and advisor for several startup clients in New York and London.

Kristin Mularz
Kristin Mularz Program Manager / 1:1 Coach
Kristin Mularz joined ECG in 2019 as an administrative assistant. She drew upon her years of study
of individual transformation and became ECG’s program manager and a 1:1 coach, with a focus on coaching young creative talent…
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