Team Workshops

For management teams: INVENTING THE FUTURE

Alignment. Accountability. Action. Accomplishment.

Is your management team a first-rate example of these? In just one strategic off-site session your management team can become a powerful leadership team, achieving 100% alignment behind a bold Strategic Intent for the future. More…

For operating teams: TEAM TRANSFORMATION

How can your good team become great?

Do you know why most team trainings don’t work? Because adults don’t change their behavior just because someone tells them what to do. More…

For ad agency – advertiser teams: CONTRACT OF EXPECTATIONS

Put the passion back in your agency — client relationship! Make the honeymoon last — or restore the sizzle to an agency-client relationship that needs renewal. ECG’s Contract of Expectations™ program causes dramatic improvements in agency – client relationships and their marketing results. More…

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For high-stress teams: MISSION CONTROL® Time Management & Productivity

Power, freedom and peace of mind in the face of all you need to do and handle – that’s the promise of Mission Control. More…

For company-wide breakthroughs: BREAKTHROUGH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM

The BLP transforms a company’s culture and triggers leaps in results. Attended by 30 – 80 employees at a time, the BLP creates an “ownership” culture of integrity, innovation and effective action. More…a


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