Breakthrough Leadership Program

Shift your organization’s culture from ordinary to extraordinary in just 3 days


Attended by 30 – 100 employees at one time, the Breakthrough Leadership Program [BLP] transforms an organization’s culture in just 3.5 days.

The BLP program creates an “ownership” culture of integrity, responsibility, innovation and inspired action across departments and teams.

Rigorous and highly interactive, the BLP challenges habitual thinking and “conversations” that hold the organization back. Participants create an inspiring Strategic Intent and learn to operate as proud members a high performance team.

The BLP leaves participants present to their own power, accomplishment and enthusiasm for their job, customers and life itself. They leave the program ready and able to produce results beyond what they had thought possible.

Workshop Outcomes:
  • Attended by management and employees, the BLP transforms each participant as a professional
  • Creates alignment on a bigger future for the organization and collaboration across departments to realize that future
  • Transforms negative conversations which impede the organization’s productivity and performance
  • Fosters a breakthrough in communication and individual accountability — a lasting elevation of the team’s game
When Leaders Grow, Companies Grow

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