Case Study 1: ‘From Worst to First’

Why the “Contract” program?

Unbeknown to the agency, this relationship was hanging by a thread. Our interviews revealed a climate of distrust, frustration and poisonous gossip.

Client was giving the ad agency its last chance. Agency hoped to wipe the slate clean and start over.

The breakthrough:

Advertiser and agency discovered that the origins of their problems were conflicts between people no longer with either company. “Ghosts” were running their relationship!

Program shifted attention and energy from a divisive past to a shared future, empowered with new communication and productivity skills.

Results two months after program, as reported by the advertiser:

  • Resolving problems constructively up 81%
  • Overall productivity up 86%
  • Agency is pro-active up 87%
  • Agency delivers on promises up 88%
  • Overall teamwork up 90%

The VP of Marketing wrote us: “Strongest leadership and management experience I’ve had. I got far more out of this than just relationship / communication building. I got excellent management training.”

Sixteen months later he toasted the agency, saying, “This relationship was the worst. Now it is the best I’ve had in 15 years in management.”

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