Case Study 2: Hello, Is Anybody Listening?

Why the “Contract” program?

This global packaged goods client wanted a frank discussion and resolution of issues. Long-time agency wanted to confirm the strength of the relationship. However our pre-session research revealed the agency had become deaf and blind to client’s dissatisfaction. Underneath the client’s polite exterior was growing frustration.

The breakthrough:

For the first time the agency heard the client’s issues. The light went on and this talented agency team got to work!

Using the program’s tools the agency turned the situation around, closing every gap.

Results two months after the program, as reported by the advertiser:

Contract of Expectations Results Case Study 2
  • Agency initiative up 23%
  • Agency listening up 31%
  • Agency responsiveness up 30%
  • Agency openness to client ideas up 43%
With this new collaboration and communication they:
  • Streamlined the copy approval process leading to a 25% increase in team productivity, according to client
  • Created new product introductions and line extensions, growing client’s share of their multibillion dollar category from 30% to 38% within 24 months
  • Opened up new, effective channels of distribution
  • Retired several tired ad campaigns and enthusiastically created popular and effective new ones
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