Contract of Expectations: FAQ

Whom is the program for? The “Contract” program is a strategic off-site session, customized for advertiser-agency teams in one of these situations:
  • New account. Laying the foundation for a great partnership
  • Destabilized by new people in key roles
  • Frustrated by a painful process. Weak trust. Eager for a fresh start.
  • In a nose dive. Can this “marriage” be saved?
What are the program’s results?The content is practical. The impact is transforming. The program creates a positive shift in the underlying relationship — from conflict to collaboration; from adversaries to partners (View pre/post performance scores). The team creates a mutual “Contract of Expectations” committing to new team values and more effective ways of working. Teams report these results:
  • Better strategies and creative work
  • More impact in the marketplace
  • End of “us” vs. “them” mindset
  • Greater efficiency, profitability. Fewer mistakes and redo’s
  • Greater trust, teamwork, respect. More listening
  • Renewed commitment. Alignment on measures for success
  • New opportunities and strategies for the brand’s growth
  • Far less wasted time, money, talent and goodwill
  • Far less pain in the process
What’s our time commitment? For each participant: One or two days, plus one hour for a phone interview and one hour to attend the team’s follow-up coaching call. 10 to 18 participants attend, representing the advertiser and agency. We conduct confidential interviews with each participant so we can customize each “Contract” session. The session is offered in 1- or 2-day formats. Complex, many-faceted accounts require the 2-day format. A week later you receive your jointly created “Contract” and attend the group coaching call, both to insure implementation and accountability.
Who pays for the program?We recommend that advertiser and agency split the program fee 50/50 to demonstrate shared commitment. Over 95% do. This joint fee makes it clear that ECG has two clients — advertiser and agency — and that we will be an objective and tough coach to both, no matter who contacted us initially.
If I’m interested what do I do next? Please call 212-877-3400 or contact us to discuss your situation by phone or in person. We will gladly provide a budget and available dates.
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