Mission Control®

Time Management & Productivity Workshop

Power. Freedom. Peace of Mind.
In the face of all you have to do.

If you live with overwhelm and feelings of guilt despite all you handle each day, then Mission Control is for you!

Participants report a dramatic increase in productivity — and even more exciting for most – power, freedom and peace of mind in the face of all there is for them to do and handle in life.

Conducted over two half-days this workshop is transformational, yet practical. It transforms participants’ relationship to time in a way that they have less stress, less overwhelm and less clutter.

Participants report more patience, more focus and more accomplishments as a result of the workshop. And you won’t have to buy a new “organizer” — adapt what you have!

ECG offers Mission Control several times a year for a small group of individual clients, as well as in-house programs for corporate groups of 20 participants or more.


  • An unconventional approach that upends one’s view of time and all there is to do
  • Sense of control, even mastery, over the complexities and demands of the day
  • Easing of stress and a remarkable leap in productivity
  • Lifting of guilt
  • Victory over clutter
  • Completion of projects that have been unfinished for months or even years
  • Greater sense of accomplishment and fulfillment

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